Butterflies Nail Decals | VEX Nails x Abriway


These are the perfect, cute compliments to the fall season, and come in two leaf types: Maple, Birch/Oak.

These fall leaves come in a clean silhouette, and come in a large and small size per a sheet. Each sheet contains the following:

– 6 Large Oak Leaves
– 8 Small Oak Leaves
– 4 Large Maple Leaves
– 6 Small Maple Leaves


In collaboration with VEX Nails (https://instagram.com/vexnails), we’ve took her extensive expertise in Japanese nail art to create the perfect nail decal that flutters at first sight.
Combining high quality, holographic vinyl, these decals shimmer and radiate upon the light.

Each order comes in a single sheet containing the following:

– 14 Large Butterflies
– 16 Medium Butterflies
– 11 Small Butterflies


black, white, blush pink, foil pink, foil gold, foil red coral, holo blue, holo opal, holo sea green, holo pink


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