We are Abriway.

“Making Beautiful Nails Accessible”

Our founder, Abrigail, spent her early career as an interior designer doing commercial and residential spaces. But after long days with clients, she always found herself indulging on her nails as an escape after a long week.

As a perfectionist, she slowly became more and more unsatisfied with how her nails looked. This is how her first nail decal came to life as she combined her love for crafts and her attention to details to create, what her husband calls, the “Abrigail Way” of doing her nails.

Wanting to take this a step further, she decided to create an Etsy shop to offer others a way to make their nails as glamorous with little to no effort. Several months later, her shop became a huge success with many loyal customers, and raving reviews, thus, the rest is history.

Our decals are designed on three principles: simple, contemporary, yet whimsical.